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10 days

You wish to

  • Reduce decision-making time and production costs
  • Manage paper-free
  • Ensure objectivity of the risk selection process
  • Standardize and control your process
  • Create an online underwriting portal
  • Allow tele-underwriting

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A flexible, user-friendly and multilingual expert system, allowing online underwriting based on dynamic medical and non-medical questionnaires.

A tool designed for back office processes, brokers, banks and the insured.

A fully customizable software matching your needs, policies and reinsurers.

A modern and open architecture based on web services.

Your advantages

  • Optimized portfolio’s quality
  • Creation of statistical reports
  • Satisfied clientele and sales network
  • Alignment with legal requirements (Corporate governance, Solvency II, etc.)
  • Increased market shares
  • Increased company's profitability

5 minutes

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Savings per file

80 K€

Savings per year

20 days

Annual time savings

Our input

25 years of experience

Risk rating.
Claims management.
Operational management.

Independent solution, no link with reinsurers

With 16 years of experience as a Medical manager, our expert created a solution that perfectly matches the needs of medical managers.

Modern architecture

Our expertise is developed in a modern and open architecture based on web services.
SaaS Version.
Easily integrable and upgradable.

Meet our team

Grégory Banasiak

Application Engineer

With 10 years of experience in the design of applications for market risks management, Grégory is our programmer analyst.

Martine Fourgon

Expert Medical Risks

With 25 years of experience in risk rating, claims management and operational management, Martine is the originator of the concept and our Chief Operating Officer.

Philippe Hellendorff


Passionate entrepreneur and self-taught new technologies specialist, Philippe is our Chief Executive Officer and business analyst.

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